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Kolar Bear

Kolar Bear is the left most route on the Achulu wall. It starts to the left of a long cave at the base big enough to take a nap in (and hide any gear you might want to retrieve once back down).

The first pitch is a challenging traverse, but the is well protected (5 hangers). At around 5.10(a/b), it is a good sample of the delicate climbing Ramnagar can offer. This is also a good pitch to practice using double ropes. Once past the first pitch, the rest of the climb is relatively easy (5.7 and 5.5) and is an opportunity to take in the beautiful surroundings.

Note: Although unadvised; if climbed during the rains, Pitch 3 is likely to turn into a waterfall (as it goes up a water patch). Climbers can wash their face and if out of water, can also take a sip from the waterfall gushing toward them. The experience has been described as 'surreal' and 'crazy'.

Gear checklist

  • Harness
  • Comfortable climbing shoes
  • 7 Quick draws
  • Belay device, Big locking biner
  • 50m Single rope or Double ropes (recommended for the traverse)
  • Personal anchor system
  • 4 locking carabiners
  • Slings/Cordellete for anchoring
  • A hydration pack
  • Sub 40l backpack

Image: Sohan Pavuluri

Image: Sohan Pavuluri, Climber : Poonacha Medapa

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