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Mother Wall

A newly developed crag in Ramnagar near Namaste. Gets its name from the nearby village Mother Sabara Doddi. Routes are situated on the South-East facing side of a granite monolith.

Getting there

on the Ramnagar-Magadi road, when you are travelling towards Magadi from Ramnagar you will reach an intersection after 1km (approx) from the village where namaste is present. Leave the main Ramnagar-magadi road here and take the other road. Go past a village and after about a 1+km you will see the monolith on your left.

Note: Alternate roads to this place. (1) Continuing on this road will take you to Manchanabele reserviour. So that's another road which one can take. (2) On Bangalor-Mysore road, take a turn off at Mayaganhalli 23km from NICE junction on mysore road and travel 7+ kilometers (via Madapura and Sugganahalli) to reach this crag.


This crag has been recently opened by Seema, Dinesh(Dini) and Pranesh(Prani) in late 2015- early 2016. Has routes about 75m long and two pitches high.
From the road the base of the routes is approached by walking 5 minutes towards the left side (South-East facing) of the hill. Go past the mango orchard and to reach the base. The base is surrounded by thick bushes. There are one or two openings which will take you to the start of the routes.

Routes have quite a few flakes coming off. So don't forget the helmet. Also it's a good idea to not to hang around at the base of the climbs when someone is up on the routes. Shade of mango trees little away is much better place to to sit/rest.
Watch out for the bears esp when climbing in the evening time

Routes are

  • 1. High on grass 5.9 - Prani , Seema and Dini.
  • 2. Chocking the Cobra 5.11 - Prani
  • 3. Masala Papad 5.11 - Prani
  • 4. Inspiration and chai 5.10a - Prani and Dini.
  • 5. Pranic drilling 5.10a - Prani and Seema
  • 6. Rum and Rasam 5.7 - Prani and Dini.
  • 7. Beku Beku 5.10b - Prani


  • Comfortably numb 5.8+ - FA by Seema (ends at the anchors of Inspiration and chai)

Picture credit: Dinesh Kaigonhalli
Routes numbered from left to right


  • Route 1 (High on grass): Pitch 1 - 9+2 bolts, Pitch 2 - 7+2 bolts | Rope minimum 60m required
  • Route 2 (Chocking the Cobra): P1 - 5+2, P2 - 11+2 | Rope minimum 60m
  • Route 3 (Masala Papad): P1 - 5+2, P2 - 13+2 | Rope minimum 60m
  • Route 4 (Inspiration and chai): P1 - 10+2, P2 - 8+2 | Rope minimum 60m
  • Route 4plus (Comfortably numb): P1 - 11+2, P2 - 8+2 | Rope minimum 60m
  • Route 5 (Pranic drilling): P1 - 9+2, P2 - 10+2 | Rope minimum 60m

Going up

  • Routes 4,4+ and 5 share first two bolts. After two bolts you will climb up a big gully from where one can belay the climber going up on routes 4,4+ and 5
  • Route 4+ joins route 4 at first belay
  • Route 4 and 5 share second belay
  • Route 2 and 3 share second belay

Rapping off

  • When using 60m rope, rap off from route 1.
  • One can rap off to first belay of 4 from 2/3 top belay when using a 70m rope.
  • When using a 60m rope getting all the way down to flat terrain from the anchor bolts of route 4 & 5 is not possible! Last bit of scrambling will remain.

View of Mother Wall from the Top of Ramgiri Betta, RamNagar. Routes are on the wall on the extreme left side of the hillock

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