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Getting there

Head South-west of Bangalore on the road towards Mysore. Approximately 50kms from bangalore lie Ramnagar and its granite hillocks.

About ...

Ramnagar is the mecca of climbers in south India because of the variety of climbing to be found here. The rock is granite,slightly technical with very good smearing, but chossy in places.Many of the established climbs have seen much traffic,so its not flaky. These granite hillocks are spread all round ramnagar,with heights of upto 300m

Climbing areas

KK Doddi ( 36+ routes): Just before entering the main town of ramnagar(on your way from bangalore),one can see the ghousia college on the right side of the road.Just after it,take a right turn which can be identified by an arch over the road.This road leads to the ramdevara temple,so the locals will guide you if you ask for the temple.
Ibrahim farm area : Travel towards handigondi rock. Go beyond handigondi, go behind the anna-tamma rocks
Magadi road ( 1 route): Around 4km from Ram Nagar town on the way to Magadi
Senapathy ( 5-6 routes): The routes can be found on the hillock opposite to Senapathy Whiteley factory in Ramnagar. The factory can be reached by taking a left turn at Empire Biryani at Ramnagar(The left turn that comes after we cross the mosque) and traveling around 3 kms along the road. This is Ram nagar-Kanakapura road.
Achulu Head towards Senapathy area from main road. Take a right at signboard that says 'Avriti'
Handigondi (2 incomplete routes) The hill lies on the left as we travel from Bangalore to Ramnagar. Take a left at the railway junction after Basavanahali (gowda's house). The hill is prominant and beautiful. Park the vehicle at the village and hike along the path towards the hill. There are two incomplete routes that faces the main road.
Mother Wall On the Ram Nagar - Manchanabele road, closer to Namaste route.
Rasta cafe and Madapura

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