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A place full of boulders of various size presenting variety of problems for both the beginner and the practicing professional. This hillock which is around 10kms away from the Bangalore city on Kanakapura road.Rock is granite,and cracks,slab,walls,steep boulders all are present.The granite is usually sharp,and skin doesnt last long.

Getting there:
When you are travailing on Kanakapura road from Banashankari temple, after approximately 5.5km you will see Yellamma Dasappa Institute of technology on left hand side and a Adigas on your right hand side. Proceed further around 200+m or so, you will see main/wide road to right. This road is adjacent to KSIT college.
Take this road and proceed further around 2km. You will pass by many houses and shops here. At the end of 2km, you will start seeing a hillock on your left side and a small path leading into the hillock/bouldering area.
Alternatively,one can go to thuralli by another road which leads to the backside of the hillock. On Kanakapura road keep going past the Yellamma Dasappa Institute and take a right turn next to sharma transport building. (If you start seeing Queen's court dhaba and ford motors then you have crossed the turning) At the end of the road you will start seeing the road going through a grove of eucalyptus trees, take the mud road that leads right

note/caution: both places parking is at your own risk! Good chance of encountering drunk parties towards evening!

Some of the Routes: motte,krishna,cavetraverse,slab,bonsai,Ski,Phd,batman crack,oops scoops,philip boulder,telegraph,chocolate omlette,kiss the bay,nursery,palm tree,thuralli crack,finger crack,bum scraper,step rock,shadenallisedu,flash,little bunty,rambeer,nttf,temptation,left bum,traverse,coffee day,fracture,hand traverse,delicate darling, Embrace
above photo taken many years back.

TODO: add a latest photo

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