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day 3: from chika(3100m) to Serai(3900m) Easy trail with average 4hours of walk on an almost flat ground compared to the yesterdays climb. There is not much of climb but this is the longest pitch of trek lengthwise.

Serai is a huge ground with a thick layer of mud on the water with the stream running in side and covered by the huge hills on the three side. In one corner you will find a nice waterfall beside which the next days trail lies. This huge ground of grassy patch is one of the coldest regions of the whole trek. We in early October experienced temperature's falling below zero to -6 degree Celsius. And the wind is also strong in this ground when it is not so cloudy.

day 4: Now it is time to goto Base of Dev Tibba (4800m, Dev Tibba is at 6001m). The to and fro journey from Serai to Base and back to Serai takes around 7hrs. You will have to cross the stream nearby carefully and climb next to the waterfall to reach a point where you can have a wonderful view of both Serai and the moraine ahead. After good walk along the stream you will reach the chota Chandra Taal where this stream starts. Now-a-days the chandra taal is full of soil and sand etc, but still wonderful. From here you can get a view of Norbu and few other peaks also.

day 5:
Now either you can walk straight back to Jagatsuk or You can trek till Khanol and stay there and the next morning make a move towards Jagatsuk. It is all walking downhill. You can easily make it to Jagatsuk from Serai. Here a good pair of trekking shoes are wonderful.
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