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And the story of Sar Pass continues....

day 9 : 28.05.1999.

In Beskari camp,thanks to the camp leader Mr. LP Rao , we had a campfire the next morning. It's different in the morning and no need to say it was so nice and other things.

We had some pleasant recitals of some young songs from young enthu's.
I think the monotony kills those campliving fellows.

After having a wonderful time there, it's again walking downhill till camp Pulga. It's near the village Pulga the village famous for dangerous drug activities.

It's about 7000ft height.

It is not that interesting when you are climbing downwards or when you know your trek is coming to an end even the beauty around you is maddening.

A little about the flora. The little flowers which bloom at the ground level are very bright,colorful and their variety,vegetation changes according to the height.


day 10,11 : 29,30.05.1999.

It's from Pulga to Kasol via Manikaran.The most boring part of the journey.Only a few kilometres of walk and then you get a road and get on any vehicle and goto Manikaran.

As on one side of the river Parvaty you get to see numerous small waterfall like streams joining the river,
amazing I wonder how wonderful the winter will be!.

Manikaran is 100% tourist place famous for the hot springs. Boiling water comes from within the ground and if you want to cook some rice all you have to do is wrap it in some cloth and put it in water. After some time it will be ready to serve.
and of course you can't for get the welcome at the base camp.