Area: kk doddi
Getting there:Just before entering the main town of ramnagar(on your way from bangalore),one can see the ghousia college on the right side of the road.Just after it,take a right turn which can be identified by an arch over the road.This road leads to the ramdevara temple,so the locals will guide you if you ask for the temple. .
ramnagara / kk doddi : 22 routes
Crags in this area:
vanakkal betta ( 6 routes): This if the first hillock on the kk doddi road.It lies on the left of the road as one proceeds from mysore road
ramgiri pillars ( 4 routes): Drive to the end of road and climb the 400 odd steps to the rama temple. On the left lies a stunning line of 5/6 pillars ,90 to 100m high.
thimme gowda farm ( 3 routes): Drive to the end of the road ,park your vehicles and walk to the right in the direction of mysore road.You can also ask the guard for directions.After one walks for a few minutes,a hillock can be seen amidst rice fields.Else,one can reach thimme gowda's house by following the bridle path and he can give directions.
pond wall ( 9 routes): This lies just above the pond near the ramgiri temple.